Our Maven Mix features some upbeat electro tunes that you may have missed over the past couple of months.

Thanks to Lachlan at Beat Mag, Baylee from Atwood Magazine, Lee from Drowned In Sound, Sose from AU Review and Hayden at Pilerats!

Amaya Laucirica - “More Than This”

Via Lachlan Kanoniuk from Beat Magazine

“Fair chance that in 20 years’ time there’ll be a reboot of Lost In Translation with Chris Pratt singing this at karaoke.”

Daz Rinko - “Black Boy Joy”

Via Baylee Lees from Atwood Magazine

“refreshing, soulful, and full of depth. Rinko approaches black identity with care and delicacy throughout his musical narrative.”

EMA - “Down and Out”

Via Lee Adcock from Drowned in Sound

“EMA strides through self-destruction without shame.”

AU Review - “Embroidery”

Via Sose Fuamoli from AU Review

“The synths and pop sensibilities embraced on “Embroidery” are done so with great confidence and the resulting musical expression is textured and stunning.”

Wafia - “Bodies”

Via Hayden Davies from Pilerats

“Bodies shined some much-needed light on the refugee crisis currently enveloping Syria using the personal story of her own Syrian family as inspiration, layering some deeply personal and heartfelt lyrics above an upbeat and empowering production which dazzled across the single’s three minutes.”

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