Maven Mix #5

We found some great interviews with Mavens in the UK and Australia, who discussed everything from Trump, to sexism to hyper-connectivity with Silver Rose, Portugal. The Man, Zuzu, Tall Juan and Dollar Bill Murrays.

Silver Rose - “Take Me Home”

Via Kulvin Kailey at Hidden Herd

I initially had a softer version for the song, inspired by a Black Ryder song and whole vibe. I loved the idea and worked on it a little bit more with the guys from Wallburds, a band I was playing bass with at the time.

Dollar Bill Murrays - “The More You Know”

Via Pilerats

Always On deals with the issues of this hyper-connected, always on world that sees us continuously wanting to do more, be more, buy more, see more, and share more.

Tall Juan - “I Don't Know What To Do”

Via Baeble Music

I like The Beatles a lot, and the Ramones. Lately I’ve been listening to Paul Simon and Argentine music like tango, but when I’m writing I’m more influenced by the Ramones and The Beatles – their songwriting.

Portugal. The Man - “Feel It Still”

Via Vortex Mag

A lot of this record came about watching the way Trump uses Twitter, he explains. We were watching [the election] go down, like, ‘Man, this dude is so good at deflecting and just shutting this down, and stringing along the most fucked up, racist groups of people.

Zuzu - “What You Want”

Via Get Into This

In my music, I just want people to take it for what it is, never mind whether I’m a girl or a guy. In these days of Donald Trump and all that jazz I think girls are going to be looking for kick ass music!

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