Today’s mix is a combination of R&B, soul and dream-pop featuring Japanese Breakfast, LAOISE, Drones Club, Tim Maiden and Jae Stephens.

Japanese Breakfast - “Soft Sounds From Another Planet”

Via Ellen Pierson-Haggar at Drowned in Sound

On the title track, twanging guitar takes up just as much space as Zauner’s ethereal vocals. When these vocals do take the lead, they flitter between a soft whisper and a powerful shriek. This is a vocalist perfectly in control of the momentum of her sound, be it one of Earth or otherwise.

Jae Stephens - “Every Time”

Via Nick at I Heart Moosiq

Another classy elegant, opalescent curling alt R&B and electro soul dazzler.

LAOISE - “Halfway”

Via James Oliver West at Hidden Herd

LAOISE‘s music will melt even the frostiest heart. The hyped Irish newcomer makes electro-pop that’s emotionally charged, somehow managing to be both raw and pristine at the same time.

Drones Club - “International”

Via Samantha O'Connor at The Four Oh Five

Drones Club are the electronic band your summer needs. And no matter where in the world you are – and how eccentrically you’re spending your summer, their new anthem ‘International’ is for you.

Tim Maiden - “Old Ways”

Via Sodwee

Tim Maiden soulful vocals just flow, linger and suspend in the air like the wonderful perfume that flows behind someone you secretly have a crush on.

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