A mix of some dreampop, shoegaze and sweet sweet jangle! Thanks to suggestions from When the Sun Hits, Drunken Werewolf, Fade Away Radiate, Logic Fuzzy and Somewhere Cold!

Culture Abuse - “So Busted”

Via Alberto Andres from Drunken Werewolf

Let’s say that Culture Abuse exists in some kind of twisted world where Mark E. Smith is fronting Guided By Voices and where Protomartyr’s Joe Casey is the lead singer of FIDLAR.

Iris - “What Kills You”

Via Amber Crain from When the Sun Hits

 Not only is the EP incredibly solid, but this opening track is absolutely killer.

No Kill - “Eddie Vedder”

Via Megan from Logic Fuzzy

“Eddie Vedder” palpitates with sumptuous extravagance, frosted with breathy vocals and an ever-present smoky jangle.

The Morelings - “We Were”

Via Estella Rose from Fade Away Radiate

I think this video/song should have been used in the third and last series of Twin Peaks! …It has got that cult/noir aura that befits Lynch’s work perfectly and has an ominous pounding dark beat and insane moog underpinning and contradicting the layers of haze and shimmer that we are wont from The Morelings

Parsons Rocket Project - “Solar Flare”

Via Jason from Somewhere Cold

Their sound is a mixture of shoegaze elements with solid pop structures and deeply gorgeous ambient moments…“Exit Launch” begins the EP with buzzing tones mixed with a dreamy, light ambient mood. This is joined by shimmering cymbals and then the band joins, with bass, percussion, and fuzzy edged, floating guitars joining the mix.

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